Buck's Corner

Our bass-player / writer / vocalist / on-stage personality Arthur "Don't Call Me Art" Decco has an identical third cousin. His name is Rev. Dr. Buck Stonebroke, who is the proprietor of the Stonebroke Non-Profit Fire Ant and Rodent Ranch, which happens to be the current residence of Arthur. The ranch is also the abode of the beautiful Princess Penny (the reverend's lovely bride) and is shared by numerous cats, dogs, and other thankless critters.

The good reverend has been encouraged to share his life's experiences-- both good and bad-- with others who would read or listen. An audio-book is currently in the works and nearly finished. Still, his flamboyant pen still spews it's creative ink.

This page is a place where you can indulge in such indulgences.

The most current offering:

Now It Can Be Told

Dear Cuz,
I apologize for not sharing information in the plot to redeem my and Arthur’s cousin from the hinterlands of Oklahoma fearing a leak would quash the plan that we have been working on for some good amount of time.

SHE hitch-hiked up there several years ago being lured into earning a PHD job which she, of course, thought was a course in Professional Hair Dressing. Unable to find employment... the catch being on all application forms in Okieland the first question is Have you completed your GED? which she had not so soon ran low of useable currency and was unable to get back to the Republic of Texas. By the Bye, during her captivity she also earned a 2 MFA’s ( Master of Fiddle-Appalacia, and MF-Alabama). 

AS it turned out the rescue was not as difficult as we had originaly reasoned it might be. We located her on campus of The Universally School of Oklahoma on a hillside practicing her fiddle where, by the way, she was beside herself with joy at the discoverance of our presence. Arthur grabbed her Hair Dressing book and I slipped a paper bag over her head which come to find out is how most girls from Oklahoma go out on dates. She said it smelled like someone had bananas for lunch.

WE got her to the truck and high-balled it back to Texas stopping only for oil and gas and Arthur’s frequent ‘side of the roads’. So the news is that Cousin Rachel is back in the fold and will be screeching her fiddle along with Aaron’s strumping guitar and what passes as singing in Oklahoma. Arthur will of course spend his time on stage trying to find a C# on the bass should the occasion ever arise that he might use one.....And they all lived happily ever after.

NOW our first little git-together is tomorrow night over at Cornbread’s Restaurant in La Porte. I don’t know the menu as I have not been there before tomorrow but I’m betting you will find some cornbread on your plate somewhere. Cousin Rachel will be kicking off the first song at 5:30PM and we will quit the noise around 8:30 as I understand it. Try to get out there and support some live music even if it will be a problem to fight your way through the aftermath of destruction of Tropical Thingy Edourd. I.E. watch out for puddles. Go to their website cornbreadslaporte.com for instructions concerning your particular route as well as their menu and more. Cousin Rachel will not be wearing her sack as we are unapposed to beauty in Texas. Hoping to see you there.

YOUR loving cousin,
Reverend Dr. Buck Stonebroke